Osceola Mine Progress Report


   9/2000: Progress continues at the Osceola Mine. A catch-basin was completed behind the mill. This will hopefully divert any future flooding of the mill. Only time will tell. Some structural changes to the outside of the mill took place in preparation for rebuilding the main portal of the mine. An electrical systems check of the mill was performed. Yikes!!!!!!! Houston, we have a problem! Nothing that a few wire nuts, several rolls of electrical tape and a fresh supply of electricity won't cure. The mill interior still needs a little shovel work and an overall reorganization. Check out the pictures below for a better look at what's going on.

Photo by Gerard Forsman 9/2000

Jon Working on the Catch-Basin.

Here's Jon building an Alleghany tank trap... I mean catch-basin.


Photo by Gerard Forsman 9/2000

Almost Completed Catch-Basin.

The almost completed catch-basin.


Photo by Gerard Forsman 9/2000

Making a Path to the Mine Portal.

Making a path to the portal.


Photo By Gerard Forsman 9/2000

Improved Mine Access.

Portal, with improved access, waiting for rehabilitation.


Photo by Gerard Forsman 9/2000

Osceola Cabin

Cabin at the Osceola Mine. A real fixer-upper.


Photo by Gerard Forsman

81 Swinger Motorhome. (Executive Lounge).

Cabin on wheels!






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