Osceola Mine 1925-55

   The Osceola has been operated intermittently since the early days of the district. The property had been a consolidation of two mines, the Osceola and the Red Star. The Red Star mine was part of the original property of the Tightner Mines Company, which was consolidated with the Tightner workings in 1911. It was active from this date until 1925. During the 1930's the Osceola portion of the property was worked.

   From 1942 until early 1954, the mine was leased and operated by the Yellow Jacket Consolidated Mines, Ltd. Late in 1954 it was subleased for a short time by a partnership consisting of C. J. Ayres, D. B. Morton, J. Bach, and H. J. Adams.

   When in operation, ore was hand-trammed to the winze, hoisted, and then hauled by a storage battery locomotive to the mill. The mill, which is located immediately northeast of the portal, was completed in April, of 1953. Ore from the mine was deposited in a loading pocket and then belt-conveyed into the mill. In the mill, the ore was crushed, finely ground, sent to a ten-mesh screen, Knudsen Bowl, hydraulic trap, spiral classifier, and Wilfley table. Sponge gold was sold to the U. S. Mint in San Francisco. Mill capacity is 50 tons, however, when in operation, about 20 tons of ore per day were treated. Seven men worked at the mine and mill.


A promising report of where to look for gold at the Osceola Mine.

Favorable Areas for Exploration and Development Report


Photo by California Division of Mines circa 1955

Osceola Mill 1955.

Osceola Mill


Osceola Mill Flow Sheet.

Osceola Mill flow sheet







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