Noises in the Osceola Mill


   It was September 8, 2000. I was replacing the fifth broken window in the Osceola Mill, with five more to go. They were fifteen inch square industrial window panes, you know, three sets of three to make one big window. As I was scraping the old putty from the window frames and knocking out the glass, I got the feeling I was not alone. I was constantly looking around to see if someone was there. I was hammering out the last little piece of glass...tap...tap...tap. And then I heard an eerie, faint, deep drumming...boom...boom...boom. It was like they were answering back, and it sounded as if it were coming from under the mill!!! I could hardly believe what I had heard. I knew there had to be a logical explanation to what I had just heard...there had to be.

   I tried to replay the sound in my mind. I walked around the mill trying to figure out what could possibly make such a sound. Then, I heard it again. This time it didn't sound like it was coming from under the mill. It sounded like it was coming from the ball mill at the back of the mill. I went to the back of the mill to look around. Nothing! Then, I thought I saw a shadow move. It was next to a blue steel barrel up above the ball mill. I stared into the dark shadows at the top of the hopper where the crushed rock is stored. Finally, it appeared..............a Miners Cat! (Also known as a Ringtail Cat). At least the place isn't haunted.


Miners Cat also known as a Ringtail Cat.






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