HPSO Plant Sale and Garden Art Fair 

April 8, 9 and 10, 2005

Washington County Fairplex, Hillsboro, Oregon


Photo by Gerard Forsman

   This years Art Fair was located on the walkway going into the plant sale. Again, no roof over our heads. However, I'm pleased to report that I set an all-time record for the amount of sculptures that I sold and monies received. Almost doubling any other show that I've done. I think that having the Art Fair in the Spring this year helped all of the Artists. Some of my sculptures went into some of the best and well known yards in the area.

   The tallest sculpture with the dancing girl and rabbit on top is the largest, heaviest and most expensive sculpture that I've done to date. 7 1/2 feet high and weighed 165 lbs. I'll see if I can beat that for next years show.


Photo by Gerard Forsman

Another view of my allotted space.


Photo by Gerard Forsman

There were a lot of great artists and craftspeople selling their wares.


Photo by Gerard Forsman

There were a lot of ceramic, copper and glass creations.


Photo by Gerard Forsman

Everything from specialty pots to birdbaths.


There were concrete creations and even some tree earrings.







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