The Osceola Mine

Alleghany, California

   The Osceola, Colorado, Colorado Ext. and Yellow Jacket mines are a group of mines located on sixty acres of patented land in Alleghany, California. They were leased for over twenty years by Michael Miller, who became president of "The Original Sixteen to One Mine".

   Exploration was under way in the Red Star Mine to the north (a Sixteen to One property), using the Osceola portal. After the "million dollar day" in 1993 at the Sixteen to One, the Osceola-Red Star project was slowly abandoned. A new dawn for the Sixteen to One.

   In November of 1999, the Osceola group was purchased by Gerard Forsman of Portland, Oregon. The mine property is being explored and the mill has been cleaned up. It has been decided that in today's environmental conditions that the mill will probably not be used for crushing purposes. Jim Britton of D&K Detector Sales, Inc. is working in partnership with GFX by bringing in "state of the art" detection equipment and his "superhuman" nose for gold. 

   The "Osceola Fraction" claim, is once again a part of the Osceola group. Click here for map.

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Photo by Gerard Forsman

Osceola Mine and Mill. 10/2001

Osceola Mine and Mill. 10/2001


Osceola Mine Patent 1897


Geology and Production Reports from 1925

Osceola Mine 1900-1925

Yellow Jacket (Colorado) Mine 1900-1925


More History of the Mine and Mill from 1925 to 1955

Osceola Mine 1925-1955


Check back periodically for a progress report and more pictures.

Progress Report 7/2000 (More Pictures)

Progress Report 9/2000  (More Pictures)

Progress Report 5/2001  (More Pictures)

Progress Report 7/2001  (More Pictures)

Progress Report 10/2001(More Pictures)

Progress Report 7/2002  (More Pictures)

Progress Report 9/2002  (More Pictures)

Progress Report 6/2003  (More Pictures)


Photo's by Gerard Forsman 2/2000

Osceola Gold Nuggets

Some of the gold being found at the Osceola Mine.

Osceola Gold in Quartz


Map of the Underground Workings at the Osceola Mine.

Underground Workings








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